Get the best out of your recording session

Get the best out of your recording session

People sometimes don't get as much done as they thought they would in the studio.

Even though I work very quick there are things that can be done before your recording date to improve your session:

1. Practice your part - whether vocal or instumental. Record it on a phone and listen back - get feedback from people you trust. Are you in tune? Is the speed of your playing increasing or slowing down to a noticable degree? Compare it with your favourite artists in a similar genre. Are all your lyrics easily understood?  Are you slurring your vocals? Concentrate on beginnings and end of words - pronounce consonents...

2. Bring a lyric sheet - one for yourself and one for the producer/engineer to check you are singing what you wrote and that he can understand what you are singing.

3. If your playing is not of a high enough standard - bring someone else play the part. I am an excellent guitarist and can often make your song sound better (bringing a chord sheet can speed up matters - if you know the chords)

4. Do you sing in a fake American accent - do you want to? Robbie Williams does ...

5. Is this a demo or a master for a single or an album. More time will be needed for the latter.

6. Singing harmonies is a skill and a gift - not everyone can do them but they can make a big difference to a song. Again someone else might be better at them than you!

7. Don't get caught up in perfecting one part at the cost of the overall track. Will anyone else notice?

8. If it's your own composition - Do your verse and chorus sound different, do you need a middle 8?

Worth spending effort on these - you will be much happier in the studio if you are well prepared!