Recording Testimonials

  • Excellent service

    "Excellent service, brings a professional sound to your work! Gavin delivers a grand experience. Well worth it!" - Matthew Shaw

  • Hey dude Thanx so much for Tuesday night, I really appreciate everything you did for us. I had a really chilled time. You have no idea how nice it is to be in a relaxed environment with no stress in a studio. And the speed we got stuff done was incredible, I was amazed at how quickly you laced that whole thing together. I was jus watching things fall into place b4 my eyes. CRAZY Anyway thanx again Richie.

    Richie Metcalf - Singer/Songwriter
  • A nice thank-you email

    Hi Gavin 

    Yesterday, on a long drive, I listened to the complete CD in the final sequence with all the final adjustments completed.
    I had to drop you a line to thank you so much for your valuable contribution to the process. You not only helped us to realise the sounds we had in our heads but also pointed us towards other ideas that enhanced the originals. The fuller sound from your own playing has worked really well and your technical expertise was a great help.
    Bryan and I are delighted with the result. It has been a great creative experience. Many many thanks.
    Kind regards
  • Best Google plus review so far... tacit artist ***** a month ago AMAZING! Gavin has been so professional in helping me to achieve my goals. would highly recommend. my only disappointment is that google reviews only goes up to 5 stars. great guy, great studio, great software, exceeded my expectations substantially. Will definitely be returning again. THANKS! :)

  • Steve Alexander (Jeff Beck & Duran Duran) drums for Charlie

    Steve Alexander (Jeff Beck & Duran Duran) drums for Charlie

    Steve bought his massive drum kit to GB Sound last wednesday and recorded 6 drum tracks for Terry Thomas's new 'Charlie' Album. Terry the writer, musician, singer and producer (also produced Foreigner & Bad Company) got all the drum takes to complete the album in his home studio.

    Steve was surprised how quickly the great drum sound came together - especially as we used 13 mics! We also debuted the awesome (newly acquired) Focusrite Liquid 4 pre on the overheads modelling Neve 1073's...... digitally connected into Protools HD 2.

  • SMP - Record their new Pantomime Aladdin

    SMP - Record their new Pantomime Aladdin

    The Live room was in full use for two Saturdays. First the band came in a laid down the backing tracks - about 10 songs. Band - Roland Electric Kit, Bass, Keys, 2 Guitarists.

    Then next Saturday all the Singers came in record lead & ensemble vocals!

    A bit of mixing to do and then they can sell the CD at their Aladdin production in Palmers Green in January....

  • 52d477db7a618cca-Jabstrat.jpg

    Songwriter-Rapper Jab Jab just finished his first track at GB Sound. A Rock Hip hop vibe with a catchy Chorus sung by Soheila. Jab Jab rapped and played guitar & bass with in-house producer Gavin in charge and providing drums, keys & lead/muted guitars. Off to mastering next.....

  • Blue Phoenix - adding extra instruments/vocals for Album

    Blue Phoenix - adding extra instruments/vocals for Album

    Bryan & Nigel - collectivley known as Blue Phoenix are putting the finished touches to their 10 track

    Album for release in early 2015. They are doing evening sessions and getting other players in to add Sax, Flute etc. Gavin is co-producing and adding Mandolin, Bass guitar, Double Bass & keyboard parts.

    Bryan from the band was in last night and is clearly enjoying himself immensely

  • 70's Prog Rockers Funk up some Jazz

    70's Prog Rockers Funk up some Jazz

    Cross and Jackson - ex of King Crimson & Van de Graph Generator.

    Recorded live drums & bass guitar onto tracks for their new album adding Sax and Vlolin into the mix.

    David Cross is back in this week to put some Live drums onto his new solo album project with the amazing Craig Blundell on the drum stool & Mick Paul on Basses....