Recording Testimonials

  • Despina records Kate Perry - and get 145,000 hits on youtube

    Despina recorded an Orchestral version of Kate Perry's Dark Horse at GB Sound - she recorded a video at home and got 145,000 hits on VUBE. Nice job Despina! Beautiful voice and arrangement. I think you overcooked the audio on the video for a pristine auido recording check out:

  • Whicha Mirrors recording first song for EP

    Josh & Michael of Whicha Mirrors have been in for the last few weeks adding vocals, guitars, percussion on their latest song from their forthcoming EP. All to be recorded at GB Sound. Pics & Video to follow when it's mixed.... "Light Years"

  • PT record at GB Sound

    PT record at GB Sound

    A new duo featuring guitars and harmony vocals known at PT have just recorded their first song at GB Sound's North London recording studio. They produced themselves and played all the instruments except for the drumming provided by a friend on the Studio's Yamaha Stage Custom Kit.

    They wrote the song themselves and had great fun double tracking the choruses to get that big 60's American vocal sound. They produced two versions - 1 as a demo song and a 2nd with just drums and bass for backing their live gigs!

  • Got this text this morning from a talented singer/songwriter "Truly beautiful session yesterday Gav. Great work!"

    James Kirby
  • Ossie starts his 4th album at GB Sound

    Ossie Aytec is signed to a record label in Turkey. He has recorded 3 albums so far at GB Sound and a recording studio in Turkey (for the Turkish instruments & vibe) .

    Gavin Beckwith - the in house producer/musician of the North London based studio - has mixed all the tracks and played guitar, guitar, bass and keys etc. on nearly all of the songs.

    Ossie came in last week to re-record an older song with an dark Americana vibe. Enormous deep drums and throbbing tremelo/reverb drenched Stratocaster and acoustic guitar all played and arranged by Gavin.... He's looking forward to the next session to get some strings and vocals on there.... very exciting!

  • Mother & Son have a great day at GB Sound

    Dawn & Dave had a lovely day Dawn singing some famous songs to her son's Acoustic guitar accompanyment. The recording session was Dawn's birthday present from her husband.They spent 4 hours in the North London Studio and recorded 13 songs!

    She said "This is the best day I've ever had - I can't believe I've left it so long to do this"

  • Sugar Rush - Lauren & Gavin's hillarious video over 9,000 hits

    A video (recorded on a Mac Book) of the Song "Sugar Rush" co-written by Lauren Derwent & Gavin (GB Sound's in house producer/musician) has received over 9,000 hits.

    This improvised funny video with bad miming and poor lip sync is getting another 300 hits per day and rising....

    "This is soooooooooooo lovely, awesome guys, put a HUGE smile on my face. X" - youtube review