Services & Rates

Services & Rates

Studio Rate £30 per hour (introductory rate for SONGWRITERS 2 hours for price of one - If you are a songwriter YOU GET ONE HOUR FREE! - sorry this doesn't include singing/rapping to a pre-recorded backing track!)

Call for Day (8 hour) rate etc.

Optional services included in hourly rate:



Session multi-instrumentalist guitar, bass, keys, drum programming



Vocal production & coaching & harmony

Co-writing  on request - help you finish your song!

Original songs available for Vocalists to sing.

Minimum session 2 Hours
Package prices available for Demos/Albums.

Live recording - Guitar/Vocal or Keyboards and vocal (a couple of well rehearsed singer-songwriters have recorded an entire album in 3 hours!)

Mastering service - £30 per hour (should only take an hour per track unless there are serious problems!)

Mixing Service - Come and finish or mix things you started (on a home set-up) to a higher standard. Add live or programmed drums etc.