Recording Studio Equipment

Neumann (industry Standard)  U87/Brauner/Miktek/AKG/Oktava Mics great on Guitars & Vocals etc.

Permanent acoustically dead vocal booth (nice "in your face" intimate sound)
Many more quality mics for live recording

API 512,Focusrite Liquid 4Pre, DAV501, Lindell & SPL Gain Station Mic preamps

TLA Valve Desk

Urei Silver face 1176  Compressor
Lexicon 300 & PCM70 hardware reverbs
Tannoy DTM12, Yamaha NS10,  Avantone monitoring powered by Omniphonic power amp

Digidesign HD2 , IO 8x8 & 192 I/O

UAD Apollo 8 mkII + Many Plugins

Imac I7
DAW Software: Pro Tools, Logic Studio, Studio One
Many Software Synths & Samplers (inc. Virus, Omnisphere, B4, Addictive drum 2, BFD,
Stylus RMX, Kontakt, Velvet, Strike, Ez Drummer 2, Trillian, EZ Keys etc.)

A range of Fender, Larrivee, Fylde, Ibanez, Ramirez (Classical)  - lovely electric and acoustic guitars and Valve amps Vox AC30, 1964 Fender Princeton to record with.....

As well as the software amp simulators - Amp Farm, Guitar rig, UAD Marshall, Fender etc.

Yamaha Stage Custom Maple Drum Kit